Our editorial expertise

Editorial / Drafting support

Only professional journalists write in our media, with great experience in the domains they explore (Culture, economy, leisure, lifestyle, etc.)

Drafting of articles, business brochures, product sheets, newsletters,  blogs, etc.

Do you need help?

- Our editorial expertise enables us to take care of this.

- We define the editorial slant with you, the message to get across and we take care of the printing.

- Our help may also consist of proofreading and correcting texts.

- Full support in content and writing.


Publication of coffee table books

We have been publishers since 1967. Publishing also involves supporting you.

Do you want a coffee table book?

... to present your company and its projects exceptionally? Or simply a top of the range communication?

We put together the editorial plan with you and take responsibility for all the other stages: 

  • design
  • writing
  • editing and printing
  • choice of format
  • design of the template
  • incorporation of photos and images
  • typography