Monaco Television


- Épi Communication now provides advertising services for Monaco Info -


Épi Communication now provides advertising services for the TV channel “Monaco Info”, broadcasted in HD on the Principality’s cable network, as well as on Internet.


“Monaco Info”, which is the only Monegasque TV channel, broadcasts seven days a week information concerning local political and institutional news, as well as financial, cultural and sports events in the Principality. Around 6,000 viewers watch this channel every month, with up to 1,000 viewers during peak periods, such as during summer or the F1 Grand Prix.


“Monaco Info” presents itself as a TV channel of great closeness open to an international market. Its contents are uploaded on Internet in their entirety, via the Monaco Channel Web portal ( Besides the 57,900 internet users following the programs live every month, an average of 51,300 regular users connect to watch replays of the channel’s documentaries and programs.


In addition to the TV news, “Monaco Info” offers a series of programs about various themes: Monegasque culture, cinema, cooking, sports, automobiles, traveling, fashion, etc.


For more information, please contact:

Mrs Laurence Genevet

Tel. +377 97 97 60 00 /