Ever since it was established in 1988 by Stefano CASIRAGHI, MONACAIR has accumulated a vast amount of unique experience in terms of V.I.P. transportation, serving customers who are in search of personalised and high-quality services. It is this know-how and exemplary nature in terms of safety that MONACAIR will bestow upon travellers on the Nice-Monaco-Nice line, starting from 2 January 2016, on board the latest-generation helicopters.

Its permanent quest for know-how and quality led to MONACAIR being bestowed with the prestigious title of Official Suppliers to S.A.S. the Sovereign Prince of Monaco in 1999. Since this date, MONACAIR has taken care of all helicopter transport for the Princely Family of Monaco, the Government of Monaco and several Chiefs of State visiting the Principality. Monacair places its experience and its professionalism in the domain of VIP service at your disposal, and offers you a customised service.

Also, EPI Communication proposes a wide range of products to be visible during the flights Monacair: label luggage, boarding passes, time card…