Best of Monaco

  • Economic review printed annually with 4,500 copies, The Best of Monaco dedicates its pages to the Principality's leading companies and to analysing the Monegasque economic fabric. This bilingual (French / English) reference book is read by:

- foreign company directors and businessmen,

- foreign governmental delegations

- business people from the Principality and Government advisers, elected representatives and senior civil servants

Readers learn about Monaco’s wealth of national skills and know-how. Unanimously acclaimed for its rigorous and high-quality editorial for 20 years, this publication examines a different central theme each year, through case studies and reports. There is a practical information section with details on the 400 leading companies in Monaco as well as high level governmental and administrative bodies. This exclusive review is designed to showcase advertisers (international companies and major Monegasque companies) through specific reports and interviews. A real mine of information, The Best of Monaco is an essential working tool for all those involved in national and international business.


  • Contents of the 2018 edition:

- Theme: “Monaco, a Major Art Centre”

- Reports and interviews

- Monaco moves

  • And as always:

- the International & Economic News,

- the Principality's 400 leading companies,

- the business directory


New: Best of Monaco’s website, all of the financial news of the Principality with just a few clicks.